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Semi-daily cute

Teddy the porcupine is back again, this time with corn. The noises he makes just kill me.

Visit Zooniversity’s youtube channel for more Teddy videos.

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Semi-daily links


^Some new Guardians of The Galaxy images, including a glimpse of a villain (yes, that is Glenn Close) (ohnotheydidnt)

Sofia Coppola to direct a live action Little Mermaid (the wire)

-And speaking of live action Disney remakes, Pan has cast a newcomer in the lead role (the hollywood reporter)

There’s going to be 2 Spider-Man spinoff movies, including Venom (variety)


^New U.S. poster for Only Lovers Left Alive (why oh why do we get this so late?)

-Early suspicions are correct; season 4 of American Horror Story will indeed take place at a Carnival (uproxx)

First images from the Rosemary’s Baby tv show starring Zoe Saldana (geektyrant)

Legendary is making a Trick ‘r Treat 2 (shocktillyoudrop)

-In the same interview, the head of Legendary had this to say about Pacific Rim 2:

I was literally just with Guillermo on the set of Crimson Peak*. We talk about it and have some pretty great ideas. If they come to fruition and we get a great script, then we’re open to it. Fans seem pretty passionate about it and working with Guillermo. So, we’re open to it.

I’ve heard a lot of contradicting things about the sequel. I saw a report that Guillermo Del Toro had already written it a year or two ago, but from that quote that appears not to be the case. We’ll see.

*I am so excited about Crimson Peak. Tom Hiddleston, Doug Jones, Jim Beaver and Jessica Chastain in a scary GDT film. Yess.



It’s Grumpy Cat on the Iron Throne! With a Dany POP! figure.

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Semi-daily links

^New Game of Thrones S4 trailer

Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth talk about Avengers 2 (ohnotheydidnt)

-Tom Hiddleston nominated for an Olivier award, see the other nominees here (broadwayworld)

Popular Facebook page “I f**king love science” gets a tv show  (entertainment weekly)

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.34.12 PM

^Fox releases Gotham logo & synopsis (wear pink wednesdays)

Sam Raimi wants to adapt popular video game The Last of Us into a movie. I’m not familiar with the game, but this could be interesting if done right. Sam Raimi does horror well, but considering how much of a disaster Spider-Man 3 was, I’m not sure. (empire online)

Idris Elba cast in “live action” remake of The Jungle Book. I say live action with quotation marks because while it is going to technically be live action, a lot of the animals will of course be CGI. (/film)


^See Annie Leibovitz’s photos for Vanity Fair’s Game of Thrones cover and behind the scenes video (vanity fair)

Korean actress to have a “significant supporting role” in Avengers 2 (ohnotheydidnt)

Snowpiercer uncut sets summer U.S. release date (/film)

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Semi-daily links


^A bunch of new images from Maleficent (io9)

Out today on DVD (rotten tomatoes)

Andrew Garfield was supposed to present that ‘heroes’ montage at the Oscars but mysteriously didn’t show up (US Weekly)

A new Matrix trilogy? (slashfilm)

You can watch Mr. Hublot, an animated short that won at the Oscars (io9)

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.14.44 PM

^This is fun: Hack Jurassic Park‘s systems here (geekologie)

Clip and new images from The Grand Budapest Hotel (ohnotheydidnt)

Fox is changing up it’s schedule, moving Hell’s Kitchen, American Idol results and Rake (They’re moving Rake to Fridays which is usually the kiss  of death) (tvline)

NBC’s Gotham has cast its Bruce Wayne (variety)



Believe it or not, HBO did not put this sign there. So who did?

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Semi-daily links

tumblr_n1u50z0arH1qbnazvo3_250  tumblr_n1u50z0arH1qbnazvo2_250 (1)

^Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars last year (left) and this year (right). (gifs via brookeverdeen)

Complete list of Oscar winners (totalfilm)

Highlights from the Oscars (variety)

Titles of 4 Game of Thrones s4 episodes revealed (winteriscoming)

^Catching up with the Slumdog Millionaire kids; where are they now?

Chris Evans to take a break from acting after his Marvel contract ends (ohnotheydidnt)

First images from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (cinemablend)

ABC to show first look at Avengers 2, others next month (superherohype)



^The selfie that broke twitter records

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Semi-daily cute

Armadillo gathering stuff set to Michael Jackson.

Also another one because that one is pretty short:

And a fox that is very happy to see its people.

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