Semi-daily links

^new trailer for Transcendence  Looks interesting. It’s nice to see Johnny Depp in a non-Burton non-Disney movie. Also Paul Bettany, Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy. This is the directorial debut of Wally Pfister, who has been Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer for years. New poster at the link too. (ohnotheydidnt)

Fox’s Gotham casts Alfred, The Penguin and more (tvguide)

The Avengers: Age of Ultron started shooting yesterday in South Africa. It’s supposedly the opening scene(s) that are being shot in Johannesburg, but they don’t have any of the major stars there yet.(screenrant)

Shirley Temple has died at 85 (tvguide)


^Pacific Rim valentines (unrealitymag)

Marvel’s Kevin Feige on Black Widow’s role in the Avengers 2, an eventual solo movie (

Listen to the soundtrack for vampire flick Only Lovers Left Alive  (ohnotheydidnt)

Also clips from Only Lovers Left Alive (ohnotheydidnt)

picture of the day:


The Mona Khalisa via unrealitymag

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