Changes at Netflix


Netflix has just removed a large chunk of movies and replaced it with a bunch of new stuff. I saw this article on Dec 28th (and I should have posted it then) of all the stuff that was to be removed (full list there at that link). And here are all the things that were just added, listed newest first. Here Buzzfeed took 15 of the new movies and broke them down. Yay to American Psycho, nay to the fact that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is now gone. A good thing to know when you’re stuck inside in a snowstorm, right?

As I stated in a recent semi-daily links post, Netflix is also adding a third streaming option for only streaming on one device that also lacks HD. Good if you’re the only one in your family that uses it, like me.

first article-The Mary Sue
second article-Instant Watcher
third article-Buzzfeed
fourth article-Lifehacker

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