semi-daily links

I’m sorry, everyone. I will try to update this more often. I got really busy for a while there.

Watch the Pacific Rim blooper reel before it gets taken down! (warning: it autoplays) (The Mary Sue)

-The Academy has released a shortlist of Foreign Language films that is not so short with 76 films (Entertainment Weekly)

Check out this stunt a team pulled off in a coffee shop to publicize the Carrie remake:

(note:  have your speakers on, but she does scream in the end, just so you know)

Matt Smith goes from Doctor Who to American Psycho (wait, what?) (The Mary Sue)

90s cartoon Reboot is getting a reboot (Geekosystem)

Hayden Panettiere shows up to interview on Kelly and Michael wearing a large live boa constrictor, because why not (People)

Harrison Ford discussing a Blade Runner sequel with Ridley Scott (DigitalSpy)

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