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semi-daily links

^New trailer for Neil Jordan’s Byzantium (let’s hope this doesn’t suck, no pun intended)

red band trailer for Hemlock Grove, an original Netflix series (NOTE THAT I SAID RED BAND, that means mature audiences only please) (Laughing Squid)

-Yes, please: MSN is in talks with NBC to reboot Heroes on XBOX (The Mary Sue)

Jerry Bruckheimer gives us updates on Pirates 5, National Treasure 3, and Bad Boys 3 (Screen Rant)

Great article on the recent events “We need Superman more than ever” (includes the most recent Man of Steel trailer) (ain’t it cool news)

trailer for R.I.P.D. Screen Rant describes it as “Men in Black meets Ghostbusters“, I think that is pretty accurate.

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Elysium trailer

In the year 2159, Wealthy people live on a space station called The Elysium, and everyone else lives in slums on a destroyed Earth. Matt Damon’s character is the one to break into Elysium with a new robotic suit contraption.

This is the second film from Neill Blomkamp, who did the fantastic District 9 (which, if you haven’t seen it, do so now). It does look a little stylistically similar, which worries me a little, but otherwise it’s really neat. And apparently Sharlto Copley plays a security guard (who looks rather evil in the trailer) and I’ll see it simply for him, too (he was amazing in District 9, the fact that it was his first time acting is even more astonishing).

Oh and Jodie Foster is in it too.

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a trailer post

True Blood season 6 preview

The new Wolverine trailer

The new World War Z trailer

The trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

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semi-daily links

I’m sorry for the long absence everyone, I was very sick.

on to the links!


^The first poster for Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, as always, click to make it larger (filmofilia)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay will begin filming September 16th in Atlanta and Boston (The Mary Sue)

Mike Mignola says there will be no Hellboy 3 movie but I’m not going to consider that completely out of the question (things could change) (Screen Rant)

Black Widow to have a lead role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (The Mary Sue)

New trailer and posters for The Great Gatsby (

A lot of new Star Trek: Into Darkness stills  (The Mary Sue)


^Awesome glow-in-the-dark poster of the battle of Blackwater in Game of Thrones (The Mary Sue)

Writers discuss Man of Steel, also a new tv spot that shows us nothing new (except maybe that split second of him on fire) (Screen Rant)

First look at Helena Bonham Carter in The Lone Ranger (USA Today)

New trailer for Under the Dome shows what happens when you touch the dome (io9)

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