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semi-daily cute

In today’s cute, a meerkat tries his best to stay awake, but nods off a couple times.

“me? I’m awake. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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New Iron Man 3 TV spot confirms rumors

Pepper does indeed suit up!

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semi-daily cute

In today’s cute, a cat walks a dog home by grabbing the leash with her mouth and some coaxing meows.

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semi-daily links


^New Iron Man 3 IMAX poster. I don’t like how the Mandarin is just kinda added/badly photoshopped in in the corner, but other than that it’s good.

New pictures from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (including Stanley Tucci as Dionysus) (here’s hoping it’s better than the first) (Total Film)

Reactions to different parts of today’s first look at The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Total Film)

Some of said footage here, including a small clip of Gandalf and Rhadagast (

New Iron Man 3 tv spot that aired during the Kid’s Choice Awards  (

Ian McKellen will officiate Patrick Stewart’s wedding (d’aww) (Pop watch)

Jurassic Park 3D “motion poster” (Movie Web)

Freddie Highmore talks about the premiere episode of Bates Motel  (tvweb)

Google adds search for animated gifs (finally) (Laughing Squid)


^New poster for World War Z (MovieWeb)

Speaking of World War Z, there was a full length trailer out today, but it has been pulled because apparently it was an early leak.

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I love Grumpy cat so much.


Grumpy Cat visited TIME, and it was awful. Actually, that’s far from true — though the adorable mixed-breed cat was enduring an exhaustive daylong romp through the New York City media circuit, it seems as though she rather enjoyed herself.

The Internet celebrity known as Grumpy Cat pounced on TIME’s Manhattan office Friday, toting with her an entourage larger than that of many celebrities. The brown-and-white kitty, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, arrived flanked by owner Tabatha Bundesen and her brother Bryan Bundesen, the man responsible for Grumpy Cat’s viral fame. The 11-month-old cat leaped to fame when Bryan posted a photo of the frowning feline to Reddit in September 2012 while visiting his sister in Arizona.

(MORE: And the Catuette Goes To: ‘The Friskies’ Awards Best Cat Videos of the Year)

And it’s not hard to see Grumpy Cat’s appeal: her beaming blue eyes, shining coat…

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I love sloths so much.


A new animated film, opening this weekend, marks a hugely significant moment in modern pop culture. The Croods, a comedy about the travails of a Paleolithic family, features a cuddly pet sloth—yet another (very) slow but sure step in the sloth’s path to complete world domination.

The evidence is incontrovertible. The Google trends graph of searches for the term “sloth” was once a series of modest peaks and valleys, reflecting the fluctuating interest in the animal (or deadly sin). Then everything changed. Interest now is historically high; earlier this week, BuzzFeed published its epic list of the 25 Greatest Sloths the Internet Has Ever Seen.

Domination in action at The Croods premiere:

Image: Belt the Sloth, 'The Croods'
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images“The Croods” premiere on Mar. 10, 2013 in New York City.

(VIDEOWhite Lion Cub and Cute Dog Become BFFs)

While unimaginable today, there actually was…

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A Game of Thrones post

Yes, again. There’s so many new things today that it requires its own post. First off, a clip from the S3 episode 1, of Dany watching Drogon (I believe) feed and talking briefly about the dragons.

Really great effects on the dragons.

Another short clip with Tyrion and Cersei:

Also, the  S3 premiere was last night in LA and so we have a bunch of red carpet interviews and pictures, all at


^George R.R. Martin


^Maisie Williams



^Emilia Clarke

Rest of the pictures here, video interviews with the cast here and here, George R.R. Martin interview here.

Also some new S3 stills here.

I can’t believe how big the Stark kids are.

I was going to post all of the images and interviews but I just can’t, the post would go on forever. Check out winteriscoming’s tumblr for more.

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Lost: one dragon, goes by the name Drogon

Drogon and Dany appear in Time Warner Cables new “enjoy better” ad. Aw, Drogon’s so cute.

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Another Game of Thrones trailer

I had to watch this one a couple times also, things flash by so fast.

Wow, I’m so excited for March 31st.

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